Corona protection with the most accurate technology on the market.

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NO inaccurate Bluetooth, but high precise  UWB-TECHNOLOGY

Fully INDIVIDUALIZABLE with 4 additional devices.

Pendant vibrates or beeps when someone gets too close.

The Corona Distance Warner (also called Community Distance Marker) is a mobile, low-cost pendant that beeps to warn you when others come closer than 5 feet, violating the distance rule.

Do you comply with the infection control law?
The key fobs or tags are handed out at the entrance of offices, in logistics or at events. This effectively supports compliance with the Corona distance rules and ensures that all the necessary steps are taken to comply with the infection protection act. In case of infection, contact tracing can be executed.

Protection against another Lockdown!

In order to prevent a further Shutdown, it can be assumed that compliance with the Corona distance rules and infection control will be increasingly checked. Technological measures such as our distance warning system could become a prerequisite for protecting the operation of a facility against a further Shutdown.

What our customers say:

Wirtschaftstag 2020

The event was secured with the Corona Distance Warner.

SLKK Insurance

"Wir möchten nicht mehr auf den Abstandswarner verzichten. Sie sind der effektivste Schutz um die notwendigen Abstände einzuhalten"

Befega GmbH

"The first warner that keeps its promises".
Contact Tracing within the company.

Contact Tracing - Abstandswarner für Events und Büro gegen Corona

Events with guests and staff in times of a Shutdown.

1st Women’s Distance Run Vienna

"Die Wirksamkeit wurde nachgewiesen. Laufgruppen mit dem Community Distance Marker hatten eine um den Faktor sieben geringere Kontaktzahl."

Bünting Beteiligungs AG

Protection of operations from business interruptions. Efficient contact tracing.

Fibit IT-Fair

Providing trade fair visitors with Community Distance Markers

This is how you ensure that the Corona distance rules are adhered to.

Tags are distributed anonymously in demarcated areas (e.g. by taking them out of containers)  

Users then move within the demarcated area.

When carriers approach below a minimum distance, a warning tone sounds or a vibration occurs.

Afterwards, the carrier returns the marker anonymously (storing in container).

Anonymous optimization of walkways or on-site conditions based on hot-spots of infractions.

Corona Distance Warner for:













Corona protection measure with many advantages.

Easy to use: switching on is enough!
Cost-effective purchase or flexible rental model.
Made in Germany: developed and produced in Germany.
Also allowed wherever smartphones and tracking apps are prohibited: security or radiation protection areas. 
Does not require a smartphone. Does not exclude non-smartphone owners.
100% data protection, as completely anonymized.
Anonymous evaluation to optimize the distance management within the building.

100% Anonymous evaluation. 100% data protection. Ensure infection protection now!

+ Signal tone when the distance is undershot.
+ Number of rule violations can be visualized.
+ Duration of rule violations can be visualized.
+ Grouping of distance warning devices for visitor groups is possible - they are excluded from signal tones among each other. 


Searching for a contact person in Austria?

Our sales partner and expert for I4.0 solutions D-ARIA will be pleased to support you!

Individual solutions, like no other provider!

With our 4 special additional devices we guarantee any application. No other system offers this individual solution.

Group Device: You can define a closed group among which no warning should occur. 

Mute Device: Mutes all CDMs in predefined rooms.

Base Device: Copies the anonymous contact diary of the CDMs to your notebook. 

Sleep Device: Deactivates all CDMs in the near environment automatically, if you want to collect the devices again for example.

Config Device: Automatically transfers desired settings to all devices.

For more information have a look at the CDM manual.

Corona Abstandswarner fuer Contact Tracing

The convenient solution: The distance warning charging case

The practical charging case for the Cognizant Mobility Distance Warner ensures that all Distance Markers are ready for use and fully charged at any time at a glance.

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