The Future-of-Mobility Card Game

Find business ideas?

Business ideas are not a sudden flash of inspiration. Rather, they are the result of a structured approach. With the Future-of-Mobility Card Game, you derive your ideas directly from the selected future scenarios. Completely intuitive and playful.

Why mobility?

People will want to remain mobile in the future. However, the way we will use mobility will change radically. The new digital ecosystem of mobility will bring with it countless opportunities for new business ideas. Finding these is the goal of the Future-of-Mobility Card Game.

Where can it be used?

Whether for your next start-up, in design thinking workshops or to lighten up boring meetings in a playful way - the Future of Mobility card game can be used widely. Every kind of ideation is supported in a meaningful way.

Geschäftsideen Finden. Szenarien bauen. Jahr.

Choose in which year your scenario should take place. Every future has certain parameters and trends.

Geschäftsideen Finden. Szenarien bauen. Ort.

Choose the place where your scenario will take place. Each location has its own peculiarities that must be taken into account.

Geschäftsideen Finden. Szenarien bauen. Protagonist.

Choose which groups of people you want to look at more closely in your scenario.

Geschäftsideen Finden. Szenarien bauen. Mission.
Mobility Mission

Choose what your group of people wants to accomplish in the scenario. Additional questions give further, important impulses.

Geschäftsideen Finden. Szenarien bauen. Thema.
Focus Topic

Define a professional or technological focus in your scenario. This allows you to focus your scenario even further and find targeted new business ideas and solutions for the mobility of tomorrow.




Either alone or in a team - once you have chosen a scenario, put yourself in the protagonist's shoes. Try to find a solution for the selected mobility mission. Discuss possible alternatives in your team, exchange individual components of the scenario as needed, and thus create an even better understanding of the interrelationships. The solution to the customer problem is the basis of your new business idea.

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