Fair appearances 2022

Dates and Locations

In 2022, Cognizant Mobility will be on the road again at trade fairs, job events and exhibitions. We look forward to meeting you in person, whether you are a corporate partner, student or innovation driver. 

With the caveat that dates may change - not least due to the pandemic situation - below you will find the most important dates and locations where you can meet us.

Fair appearances 2022





10.02.+17.04.+30.06.+22.09.2022  Get-In-IT online https://www.get-in-it.de/jobmesse
10.05.2022 konaktiva - Die Unternehmenskontaktmesse TU Darmstadt https://www.konaktiva.tu-darmstadt.de/
18.05.2022 SKB - Studentische Karrierebörse Sparkassen-Arena Landshut https://skb.la/
19.05.2022 IKORO - Industrie- und Kontaktmesse Rosenheim https://ikoro.de/die-messe
25.05.2022 Pyramid Firmenkontaktmesse Messe Augsburg https://www.pyramid-hsa.de/
01.06.2022 IKOM Karriereforum Campus Garching https://www.ikom.tum.de/de/ikom/fuer-studierende/online-messe/
21.06.2022 Automotive Testing Expo Europe Stuttgart https://www.testing-expo.com/europe/
01.09.2022 Firmenkontaktmesse der Hochschule Fulda Fulda https://www.hs-fulda.de/
03.11.2022 KissMe - Die Karrieremesse online+Leibniz Universität Hannover https://www.kissme-hannover.de/